I am Lauro Lotti and I am the owner of Belmonte Vacanze, resort for farm holidays in Tuscany.
Actually we are looking for a new partner who is able to manage our horse riding centre.
We are not looking for employees or people looking for a salary but defently for a business partner.
Inside our property (200 hecaters) we have built in 2009 an horse riding centre since we are interested to develop horse riding holidays in our region.

Actually our partnership with the actual partner is going to a end and so far we need a new partner who will be ready for the season 2019.

Terms of partnership: please read carefull so not to misanderstood.
-The partner of the horse riding centre will arrange horse riding tours and lessons for Belmonte resort’s guests.The managers will be payed for these services directly from the guests. The partner will provide the horses and all the equippmnet needed for their maintenance and for the activities (saddles,helmets,hay,etc…). So far the partner is the only owner of the horses.

-The partner will work also as tour operator for those looking for horse riding holidays in Tuscany that is to say that ththe partnerey will sell holidays stays  in our agriturismo Belmonte Vacanze with horse riding activities included, corresponding to Belmonte Vacanze just the price for the renting of the apartment of our resort. The partner is free to resell the package at the price he wish.
We will provide a website (ridingtuscany.com) and a brand name (Ridingtuscany ranch) but both we as owners and you as partner will have to work to promote the brand and the website overall the Internet with web marketing strategies and with all main horse riding holidays tours operators.

-It is mandatory that the partner speak Italian language at a good level.

-The rental cost for the horse riding centre will be discussed privately once we have verificated the partner curriculum and interview. The cost is low but in change of this we ask to maintenance the horse riding clean and hospitable for the visitors and guests.

– It is important to know that the revenue coming from the management of the horse riding centre depend totally on the skills of the partner to promote it. The positive aspect is given by the  fact that the horse riding centre is inside Belmonte Vacanze accommodation whose guests are mainly families with children who often like to have smal tours and lessons at the riding centre. So far we do, as owner of Belmonte Vacanze resort, our best to promote horse riding activities to our guests. The partner need instead to do his best to promote the accommodation.

-It is imprtan to know that actually the business is seasonal and so far the revenue come mostly by 7 months working. So far the partner should be able to find other revenue source to survive in the low season months.

-We are looking for a motivated partner so that  our partnership can last as long as possible.
It is necessary to estimate some costs for the renting of the house where to live (near our resort there are some flats whose price per month is around 300/500 euro), and the maintenance of the horse (food,veterinary,….).

– If you wish to change your life, move to our beautiful place in Tuscany and do your best to work with our team, you re more than welcome! 🙂


Please reply to my personal email lauro@belmontevacanze.it or call +39 057120125

Good luck!

Dott. Lauro Lotti, owner of Belmonte Vacanze resort.