Riding Tuscany is the new riding centre in Montaione,
just a few kilometres from both San Gimignano and Volterra.

...Treat yourself to an unforgettable horse riding holiday in Tuscany...

Tuscany Following the Pace of Nature

Experience time by the regular hoof-beat of the trotting horse. The pleasant sound of the hooves against the ground. You can really Tuscany is all around you as you take in the landscape. At Ranch Riding Tuscany, here at the Agriturismo Belmonte Vacanze farm holiday resort in Montaione, you cannot but want to go horse riding.

A horse riding holiday in Tuscany you will never forget


Horse riding activities at the Riding Tuscany Ranch
are only available for guests staying at Belmonte Vacanze farm.

Horse riding activities are upon reservation only. Please contact:


agriturismo with horses in Tuscany

A dream farm holiday resort ... on a 200-hectare (500 acres) estate…

You can lose yourself in the magical 200-hectare (500 acres) wilderness of the Agriturismo Belmonte Vacanze farm holiday resort in Montaione. You will fall in love with the Lotti Family. We have been looking after this little corner of Tuscan countryside for several generations and have set our cozy guest lodgings and swimming pool where you can enjoy breathtaking views.

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Guided horse riding treks to soak up the delightful scenery of the Tuscan hills.

Our specialities are horse riding treks which bring you into the scenic wilderness of the hills around San Gimignano, Volterra and Montaione. We also run shorter rides through the woods and along the lakes in the surroundings. Enjoy a unique and extraordinary horse riding holiday in Tuscany, away from the usual tourist beaten-tracks.

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Horse riding lessons for children and adults

Forget the posh equestrian centres and exclusive clubs. Riding Tuscany in Montaione is not merely a horse riding centre, but a ranch for families and free-spirited couples who love special horses and being close to the wild nature of these hills. Come learn about horses and ride with us.

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You will experience a great outdoor adventure amid landscapes of rare beauty

Explore Tuscany on horseback

Forget your mobile phone and photo camera at home. The only thing you need is a comfortable saddle, a pair of boots, a riding cap and your trusted horse. Enjoy riding off the track and away from tarmac and traffic. Wind your way through the woods, the vineyards and olive groves, along the paths that crisscross the slopes on the hills surrounding Montaione, San Gimignano and Volterra, and take in the views and scents that surround you. With Riding Tuscany you will feel like a modern-day explorer and pioneer.


Lessons for the adults, and wonderful fun activities for the kids